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10 Extremely Useful DSLR Camera Lenses | Inspired Magazine

Are you looking for a new awesome lens for your Nikon or Canon DSLR? We invited our friends from Geefts – the gifts for geeks bible – to recommend the hottest lenses for every budget.

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15 Ways To Improve Your Photography Without Buying Gear

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Several years back I wrote a post that contained 10 things you could do to improve your photography without buying gear. Today I am adding five more to that original list in the hope that I can hel…

9 Things Photographers Need to Know About Memory Cards

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Photographers are gearheads. We love to know what the latest-and-greatest technology is and what piece of gear will produce optimal results.

101 Portrait Photography Tips

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This is the largest collection of portrait photography tips ever assembled on a single page of the Internet. To write this portrait photography article, I asked members of the Improve Photography community to submit their favorite portrait photography tips.

Macro Photography and Photomicroscopy

This tutorial will cover Micro Photography, and Photomicroscopy. Before we get started, there are a few things you need to know. Macro photograph…

High Dynamic Range Photography | How to Create HDR Photographs

How to create High Dynamic Range or HDR photographs. Tony Sweet explains how to create these photos and shows examples.

75+ Outstanding Wordpress Themes For Photographers – tripwire magazine

A comprehensive list of outstanding WordPress Themes For Photographers to showcase your work!

7 Lessons That Most Photographers Learn the Hard Way

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Today’s article is a guest post by Tommy Holt.
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Want to Take Better Action Shots? Try Slowing Down Time. Michael Zhang

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So this is how some photographers always manage to capture awesome action shots…
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Best Canon Lenses For Every Budget

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Get help to find the best canon lenses for every budget.
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Two Rooms Plus Utilities

Written from the heart, this is the unadulterated truth of live with multiple chronic illnesses and being housebound. My life open for you to follow. Please join me

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