Seven Surefire Places To Find Inspiration For Your Photography!

Finding inspiration can sometime be tough, and nobody can tell you to get inspired but there are some places you can try to get that kick-start you need!

Yourself. Inspiration comes from within. It does not matter how you are feeling! Use the way you are feeling for inspiration – Whether you are happy, depressed, lazy or feel like an “Energizer” bunny. Try to take a photo that reflects your current state of mind. It might not be what you like, but by doing that you will soon find the way you feel are changing and then you can continue the way you like! You are Unique! – Get Inspired!

Blogs.There are many blogs on photography and inspiration. Surf the blogs  for inspiration on the topic for your next assignment or any  subject that will entertain  you’re thought of mind. Check out Galleries and equipment posts , anything that you enjoy! – Get Inspired!

Magazines. Subscribe to magazines on Photography or Cameras. Even magazines on art will be able to get your creative juices flowing. It does not matter, whatever suits you’re fancy. You know what will rock your boat! Go out and get a magazine! – Get Inspired!

Social Networks. Get involved in social networks on the topics you like. Google+, Facebook, Twitter and the numerous photo sharing sites have an endless stream of connections. You are sure to find People to connect to and topics to join on these sites. Engage, Talk, and discuss! Besides that you can enjoy other peoples work and learn through enjoying and engaging – Get Inspired!

Camera Retailers. Get to a local camera shop and have a look at the old stuff, the new stuff and everything in between. Spend some time discovering the things you need in your trade. You don’t have to buy anything (Even better if you do, nothing like some new stuff to try out to get you inspired) after being in these surroundings for a while you will feel different and maybe, just maybe you will get going! – Get Inspired!

Surrounding. Change your surrounding. Get in your car and drive out of town with your gear in tow. If you can not do that, visit somewhere new. A change in scenery is a sure-fire way to make you feel different. – Get Inspired!


Portfolio. Have a look at your portfolio and see what you think can add or change to improve it. Even looking at the work you have done might be enough to spur you on to improve or at least to do something as spectacular as your previous work! – Get Inspired!

I Really hope you will find this helpful! Go get inspired and enjoy your photography!


About Tiaan Jonker

Wanna'be Photographer and Gadget Freak without a Budget!

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