Why Google+ Inspire Me! (And You?)


Since I bought my first camera back in 1983 (Awesome Yashica FXD QuartzI had an on/off relationship with photography. Mostly off I might add. After my initial interest and a short spell working as a freelance Photographer for a local newspaper, life happened and photography took a back seat to everyday existence.

Recently I sort of revived the interest and like so many things in life the whole landscape has changed. Cameras, Equipment, Hardware, Software, Photoshop, Internet and so much more! However I decided to take the bull by the horns and go for it. It might not go as quick or as smooth as I would like it to go due to circumstances, but no-one ever said it was going to be easy! Still, everything seemed a bit daunting and difficult!

Enter, Google+,  Inspiration Galore!  

My initial connection came about as a result of curiosity and my love for new technology and gadgets. Since then, (Remember, only a couple of weeks) it has quickly evolved into something much more substantial. Connecting to Photographers from all over the world and being able to see their photographs, read their advice, seeing what equipment they are using, the settings they used for a photo and even the stories behind some Photos are just mind-boggling. At first, an under the radar +1 confirmed that a photo was nice. Later that also evolved, and now a much more reserved +1 will confirm that the photo touched me in some way and is inspiring to me.

I would like to mention each and every photographer on Google+ here and pay some tribute to them for inspiring me and for truly having influenced me and helping me making my mind up to take photography more seriously and to the next level.

Here are two lists from which I am sure you will find some photographers on Google+ that will inspire you and maybe mean as much to you as some of them meant to me!

1. 51 Of Our Favorite Google Photographers:

2. Top 104 Amazing Photographers To Circle On Google+:

Thank you guys!


About Tiaan Jonker

Wanna'be Photographer and Gadget Freak without a Budget!

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  1. your story parallels mine to a scary degree! Thank you for putting my thoughts into the perfect words!


  2. I have found Google + To be a wonderful place for Photographers, a group who seem to have embraced G+ with some ghusto.

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